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At a time when complexity is seen as a virtue, and a degree in informatics can not be such a bad idea, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. The main calculator in this respect is a breath of fresh air. It’s as simple as a calculator can bewithout avascus. This is completely inappropriate for both appearance and work. The main calculator is what the calculator should do. The interface consists of a square containing 17 buttons: a numeric keypad with a decimal point, a “C” button – the latter computes four buttons for executionthe most commonly used mathematical functions and, finally, and, perhaps, the most important, “equal” sign. Intermediate manipulation of these buttons allows the user to perform an infinite number of calculations, since they contain nothing more complicated than simple multiplicationor division to subtract appropriations. The most obvious use of such a simple device would be for people who are partially ripe. The buttons are large and clear, which makes them easier to use with a mouse or touch screen. This will also be a good first calculatorFor a child who is simply struggling with a magical mathematical journey. () ((overview-application-page-desktop);)); Back to basics Basic calculators are welcome to return to the simplicity of early computer programs. If all you need is to add a listshopping, it’s not.

September 3, 2018

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