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Google Earthis is a geospatial tool and a tutorial. It’s like all corners, satellites, airplanes and Street View combinations. Powerful search engine, wealth of useful information and images and accurate usage,Is the best way to directly discover the plane, but also the sky, the moon and even the moon. Google Earth is also available on Android, Mac and iOS devices.

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Explore the world in Google Earth

Google Earth3D Atlas is a type of interface.It seems that you can see (almost) every angle. From the largest cities in the national park and even under water, all the world’s wonders fascinate.

If it is not enough of the world, you can have picturesHundreds of Moon and Mars. The Google Earth search engine will help you find a location from any of your devices using a GPS coordinate.

Google Earth has multiple locations, including location information, such as boundaries, routes, 3D buildings, trees, images and;You can also add content to Google Earth, such as the place you visited. GoogleCountry supports the Street View feature available on Google Maps so you can easily move in some cities.

In addition to all these attributes,Google Earth also lets you track, measure distance, add bookmarks, save images and even fly. Use the simulator of the day.

Mouse travel

Google’s global navigation is very understandable, and everything you need is a mouse or a screen button.You can zoom, look around and walk around the globe. To enjoy virtual experiments with Street View, you can drag and drop icons that you can boot in the grid (blue). Navigation is great; The mouse is easy to move.You can find all the browsers and all other options on the left menu, which can make it unattractive.


Google Earth is a great tool to respect our world and our environment. Graphics engine is impressive,Just like many places you can visit. Content presented in different messages and steps is updated regularly. Google Earth is an unnecessary program that takes half the time without your trip;Although this program is completely perfect, if you are looking for a free alternative, NASA World Vind may be something to consider;

September 2, 2018

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