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USB Show 64-Bit

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The USB Show shows the hidden files on the USB stick. It is very useful to get rid of the effects of direct-access viruses, also known as short-range viruses or hidden folder viruses, extended by memory.

Hidden folders (feature () {(“review-app-page-desktop”);}); The USB Show program scans devices connected to the computer, search folders or hidden files and displays them instantly. It also creates a record in which the folders are located. After opening the browser USB diskall files previously hidden folders become visible. Take care: not all USB Show files must be deleted.

Just click and wait, it’s that simple. The show is simple: just select the disk you want to scan and click on the available button. After selecting, USB Show again looks for a volume for invisible and potentially visible elements. The USB Show program is only available in Spanish and English. There is no help function and surface textsthey are briefly explained. But the task of this tool is so specific that you do not need to know more.

Useful, but not an antivirus program. OS Show is a tool that complements the antivirus software, but does not eliminate hidden malware in memory. If you suspect that your USB flash drive is infecting your files, you are using anti-virus software or reliable anti-virus software such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.

September 6, 2018

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